Mawusi Yamada

Mawusi joined WCED in 2021. She brings a wealth of cross-cultural experience as she was born in Japan, then raised in both Japan and France and ultimately settled in the US with her husband. Her passion of helping others realize a family of their own came from the struggle she saw first-hand of her mother’s inability to conceive a second child. Though her career path wasn’t always in the field of fertility, she always recognized what struggles many Intended Parent(s) experience and what a gift egg donation could be.

As a previous egg donor herself, Mawusi understands the importance of being warm, welcoming, concise and available to our egg donors. As an Egg Donor Coordinator, her goal is to create an experience that is full of understanding, warmth, as well as providing a clear explanation of the process and expectations of being an egg donor. Her goal is to not only help facilitate a family for the Intended Parents, but also to be sure our egg donors are fully prepared for the process, know what to expect, find the process rewarding, and ultimately will want to share their experience with others, spreading the word about the beautiful gift of egg donation.

Mawusi has a bachelor’s degree in communication and is currently continuing her education in child development in an effort to one day help in improving the system of facilitating the best outcomes for all involved in the process of 3rd party reproduction; egg donors, intended parents, as well as the lives of children created through this process.