Egg Donor Compensation at West Coast Egg Donation

Headquartered in Southern California, West Coast Egg Donation is proud to work with donors throughout the United States. Our egg donors receive a base compensation that starts at $8,000+ and goes up depending on donation frequency and egg quality. We believe that it takes a special person to serve as an egg donor, and also that compensation for your gift to a deserving individual or couple should be both generous and timely.

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Our complete compensation schedule is provided below. If you have any questions about egg donor compensation, please contact West Coast Egg Donation.

Egg Donor Compensation

Base compensation for first time egg donors
*Increased for repeat donors and high demand donors

Expenses Paid by Intended Parents to WCED

Psychological screening
*Mandatory for first time donors and recommended for repeat donors
Travel expenses for the donor, if she resides more than 30 miles from the chosen clinic/fertility doctor (amount will vary)
Outside clinic monitoring for "travel" cycles (amount will vary)

Expenses Paid by Intended Parents Directly to Provider

Donor’s attorney fee for review of the agreement between the donor and intended parent(s) $400 - $500
IVF center/fertility doctor fees (including, but not limited to): medical screening, genetic testing, medication, monitoring (amount will vary)
Genetic counseling, if required by the IVF center $250-$300

When Do Egg Donors Receive Their Compensation

Egg donors will not begin receiving injectable medications until all funds have been deposited by the intended parents into the trust account. The donor will receive $750 of the total donor compensation when she begins injectable medication, and will receive the remaining balance of the compensation due within 7 days after egg retrieval.

How much are egg donors compensated from state to state?

Every egg donation case is unique and involves many factors that can impact the overall payment. The average amount of compensation can range from $5,000 to $20,000 plus expenses, depending on experience and the individual arrangements. In states like California, where egg donors are in high demand, donors may be paid slightly higher. Legal requirements and the costs of other services can also vary from state to state. However, the amount egg donors are paid doesn't vary greatly between cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Houston.

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If you have questions about egg donor compensation, pay and timelines, please contact West Coast Egg Donation.