Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About the Egg Donation Process

Q. How do I gain access to the egg donor database?

A. To view full profiles, please create an account, you will then be given free access to our password protected egg donor database.

Q. Will I need to meet with you in-person?

A. It is not necessary for us to meet in person, however we do encourage you to schedule an in person meeting at our office if you are able to do so. Our office is conveniently located near John Wayne Airport in Orange County. We are also available to talk via Skype.

Q. How do I know if a donor is available?

A. Only Available Donors appear on the website. Donors who are currently matched or unavailable do not appear on the database.

Q. Are donors open to meeting in person?

A. If you are interested in meeting your egg donor, please let us know. We will then contact your chosen donor to let her know that you are interested in meeting. If the donor agrees to meet in person or by phone, WCED will facilitate the meeting.

Q. Have you met all of your egg donors that are on your database?

A. Yes, we have met them in person in our office or talked with them face to face via Skype. We believe that a face to face/on camera meeting is a very important part of the screening process.