What Does It Mean To Be a Repeat Egg Donor?

Published on Wednesday May 25th, 2022 by WCED

When you are an egg donor who has completed a donation cycle successfully, there is normally the opportunity to consider becoming a repeat egg donor. A repeat egg donor is someone who continues on to complete a second, third, etc. egg donation cycle. Not everyone who donates their eggs will be a good fit for repeat egg donation, but many candidates find themselves in the position of considering whether or not they’d like to continue to provide donated eggs to growing families in need.

Who is a good candidate for repeat egg donation?

  • An egg donor who is still currently within our egg donation programs required age range (21 and 29 years old)
  • An egg donor who was satisfied with her experience and is excited about another opportunity to help couples in need
  • An egg donor who always intended to complete multiple cycles as long as it was physically possible

Why would someone donate their eggs multiple times?

Egg donation isn’t for everyone, but for those who find the process to be straightforward and enjoyable, especially after having completed a cycle already, then it is easy to understand why they wouldn’t hesitate to agree to another donation round. Egg donors are the bridge between wanting to become a parent and actually becoming a parent for thousands of couples and aspiring single parents each year. There are many reasons why a growing family might turn to egg donation vs. other paths to parenthood – legal reasons, medical reasons, and/or emotional reasons. These are all valid and make donated eggs all the more needed across the country.

Is there a difference between my first and second egg donation cycle?

Generally, no, there is not typically much of a difference between one donation cycle and the next. One area where differences could arise is if you complete a fresh egg donor cycle during your first and a frozen egg donation cycle during your second, or vice versa. Fresh egg donor cycles require synchronization of menstrual cycles between the donor and the female intended parent (if applicable). In a frozen egg donation cycle, this step would not be needed. Aside from that example, there will not be many differences from one donation cycle to another. You can always connect with your Case Manager to discuss an upcoming cycle once you have been matched with a new set of intended parents.

As a note, you will already have an existing donor profile with our agency, so you will not need to complete another application or screening as a repeat donor with our program.

What if I felt one cycle was right for me?

That’s okay! One cycle is already a very generous and kind act that will help someone become a parent who was not otherwise able to without your help. Donating eggs is a very personal decision, so if you feel that one cycle is the right amount for you, then it is perfectly okay to end your journey as an egg donor. We are already so thankful for your choice to become a donor in the first place.