5 Reasons Why We Love Our Egg Donors

Published on Thursday August 26th, 2021 by WCED

Eggs donors make it possible for hopeful intended parents across the country to grow their families. Donated eggs allow couples struggling with infertility, LGBTQ+ families, and single parent-hopefuls an opportunity they might not otherwise have had – the chance to carry their baby themselves and/or share a genetic link to their baby

At West Coast Egg Donation, we know there are many reasons why a young woman may choose to donate her eggs, and we wanted to acknowledge our team’s appreciation for every donor’s role in modern family building.

1. Egg donors are thoughtful and generous people.

Although egg donors receive compensation for their role in the family-building process, we know that egg donors are also motivated by an altruistic desire to help others. The egg donation process requires significant time, energy, and medical commitments. It takes a special person to commit themselves to the process; it’s not something someone would do unless they cared about how their actions impacted the lives of others.

2. Donors make the world a better, happier place.

Family-building for individuals with fertility issues often comes with many challenges. Even with the help of the most sophisticated technologies, fertility treatments such as IVF don’t necessarily guarantee that someone will be able to get pregnant with their own eggs. Family-building is also challenging for same-sex male couples and single men, who don’t produce their own eggs.

What comes so easily for some can be a years-long struggle of pain, frustration, and heartbreak for another. Donors know that the weeks spent completing the donation process will result in a dream come true for someone who might otherwise be left hoping for the chance to become a parent.

3. Donors understand a unique opportunity.

Those who become egg donors have a unique opportunity to help an individual or couple in need through the life-changing act of donation while receiving generous compensation for their donation. Donors have used their compensation to pay for education, travel the world, save for their own futures, and invest in themselves.

4. Egg donors know that a bit of sacrifice can make the biggest difference.

Being an egg donor can have some not-so-pleasant moments, such as when you have to use injectable medications, experience cramping from medications, or feel fatigued after your retrieval procedure. Although these physical or mental discomforts can sometimes feel like a real hassle to deal with, though egg donors know that it’s all worth it in the end. They understand that their decision to endure medications and discomfort is something that is making it possible for someone else to become a parent.

5. A few weeks of an egg donor’s time is someone else’s life-changing event.

The actual donation process takes about two weeks to complete. This means that after just 14 or so days, your actions can change the lives of someone who is unable to have a child without your help. There are few things that one person can do for another in so little time that has such a remarkable consequence.

If you are interested in learning more about egg donation, please visit our egg donation page.