Is There Any Reason I Can’t Become an Egg Donor?

Published on Thursday October 28th, 2021 by WCED

Every egg donor program within an established, reputable agency will have egg donor requirements that must be met in order for you to be accepted. These are put in place for two reasons: to ensure the health and safety of every woman who donates her eggs and to ensure that the donated eggs can be used to create a healthy embryo for the intended parents.

We welcome you to review the West Coast Egg Donation program list of requirements in full. But to give some additional guidance, we’ve also compiled a list of some of the common reasons potential donors are not accepted into our program.

Common Reasons for Egg Donor Disqualification

You have recently traveled to an area where an illness is prevalent. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many third-party reproduction programs around the globe. Whereas the Zika virus was a serious concern for donor programs for the past few years – and still is, to an extent – there is now an even bigger concern for potential donors with regard to traveling. During the application process, you will be expected to detail your recent travel experiences.

You are taking a medication that does not allow for entry into a donor program. Certain medications, including some forms of birth control, will prevent acceptance into egg donor programs. Your health, regardless of donation status, is always our top priority, so we will ask for details and do our best to address any questions regarding medication use.

You are not in agreement with your role in the donation process. In order for egg donation to be successful, the donor must fully understand and accept her role. Unless the donation is part of a known and open agreement with the intended parents, a donor will often choose to remain anonymous indefinitely. She will not have a role in the baby’s life. If this is not something you can agree to, we understand, but it means you will need a specific type of donor arrangement if you decide to continue. This preference needs to be specified early in the application process.

You have recently gotten a tattoo or body piercing. Women who have had one or both in the six months prior to completing an application will not be accepted into our donation program.

Though not being accepted may feel like a personal slight or judgment, we want to assure anyone who’s considering applying that this is never the case. Some program requirements may seem strict, but they are typically put in place by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine {ASRM}.

Again, we encourage anyone interested in egg donation to learn more about the process and consider applying to become a donor. We value your time and energy, so we want to be clear about who is a good candidate for our program. If you have additional questions, we hope you will contact our team.