How To Be a Supportive Partner During an Egg Donor Cycle

Published on Friday October 28th, 2022 by WCED

The decision to use an egg donor is an amazing step toward starting a family. Although it is an increasingly common form of conception, there can be some understandable uncertainty and emotional tenderness during this time. You may ask yourself questions such as: What if it doesn’t work? How will this process affect our family? Is my partner equipped for this stage in our family planning?

Starting a family through egg donation is a deeply personal decision, but you aren’t alone. As a loved one in a supportive role during this time, you can be a wonderful source of support and joy throughout this journey – but your partner may need time and space to fully understand what they’re going through.

Show You Care

Now is the time to be extra sweet, and vulnerable if you can. Picking up a dessert you know your partner likes on your way home, or taking care of housework you know they don’t like to do is a great way to show your support and affection. Going above and beyond and being emotionally open will go further than you realize.

Take Time for Your Family

Ultimately, you and your partner choose how and when to take the necessary time to process everything egg donation entails. If conversations become overwhelming, that is normal. Be patient with yourself, and most importantly, be patient with your partner. There are times when you may need to take a back seat and let emotions settle so that your family planning environment remains productive, positive, and loving for your partner.

Although it may introduce unexpected challenges, your partner sharing their experience is an important part of dealing with the complexities that arise. These conversations will make you feel safer in your emotions and more secure in your decision. Being a friendly face who understands what your partner is going to unload freely will do wonders for everyone’s mental well-being.

Make Room for Each Other

Remember – you are both on the same team. Your partner’s concerns should be taken seriously, without judgment. Be sure to check in with each other regularly about where you are and how you’re feeling. By taking the time to understand their perspective, you will learn to meet each other where you are. Though at times your feelings or opinions may differ, take time to process them so you can effectively communicate them with your partner.

Allow for Grief

It is natural to avoid negative emotions, particularly when there is another person involved. Fertility can be an emotional process, and it can be difficult when faced with changes or challenges. However, many fertility centers offer counseling and other forms of support for couples. Caring for yourself and your partner is the highest priority, and taking the space and time to share the pain will ease the burden.

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