How National Infertility Awareness Week Helps Fertility Advocacy

Published on Monday April 25th, 2022 by WCED

Giving attention and recognition to infertility awareness is the key tenet of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). Each year, NIAW honors the difficulties that countless people face when it comes to growing their families. Infertility impacts about one in eight couples in the US; many of those couples require fertility care, including third-party reproduction services like egg donation. NIAW works to promote advocacy for the struggles faced by the fertility community, including a lack of favorable and inclusive fertility laws across most states, financial assistance, and more.

How NIAW Can Make a Difference

Dealing with infertility can be a lonely and isolating experience. Even with well-meaning family and friends, if you are the only person you know who is seeking treatment, the journey may feel overwhelmingly singular. NIAW is one of the most prominent times of the year when members of the fertility community are strongly encouraged to share their stories and take part in events that bring awareness to infertility. There are many ways to get involved, including:

  • Attending events – Local events like “Walks of Hope” are typically hosted in larger cities year-round, but during NIAW, many communities will feature events that support infertility awareness. You can check your town government’s website and local groups’ social media pages for more information, and you can always consider hosting a virtual DIY walk.
  • FundraisersRaising money targert: true to support fertility-related causes is crucial because this type of funding can go toward many couples in need or toward research that looks to find easier treatment paths for patients.
  • Participate in the #WearOrange Campaign – On April 27, wearing orange is a small way to show your support for the fertility community. If you feel comfortable, share a selfie of yourself on social media using the hashtag #WearOrange.
  • Find a support group – NIAW highlights the benefits of fertility support groups, which offer advice, a shoulder to lean on, and sometimes the friendship of those who share similar struggles with infertility.
  • Social media – Social media is probably the most popular way to spread information about NIAW and fertility advocacy. Each year, countless couples and individuals share their stories online via social media to demonstrate how many lives are impacted by fertility issues and that those who are struggling are never alone. If comfortable doing so, you can share your story using hashtags like #NIAW, #WearOrange, #fertility, #infertility, #IVF, #eggdonation, #fertilitystory, etc.
  • Advocate for better family-building laws – NIAW is a reminder that everyone has the ability to write to their state government reps or Congress to advocate for better fertility laws, even if some already exist. Right now, there are many fertility legislation bills that require action, both on the federal and state levels. Learn more about these bills and how you can help the fertility care community.

NIAW offers everyone in the fertility community and their allies an opportunity to make a real difference in how infertility and family-building are perceived. Together, our voices can help make things better for the future.