How Does Egg Donor Screening Work?

Published on Friday July 29th, 2022 by WCED

Before an egg donor applicant is accepted into the West Coast Egg Donation program, she must first complete our screening process. This process is designed to help ensure that only those who meet our strict criteria for donation are able to become donors.

Egg donor criteria is strict for one reason: to prioritize the health and safety of our donors as well as the intended parents and children who will result from the donation process. It is not put in place to make anyone feel judged or less than in the event that you do not qualify for the donation program.

So, how does egg donor screening work? There are different stages of screening depending on where you are in the application process.

Completing your application

The first thing we ask of prospective egg donors is that they review our list of donor requirements as well as an overview of the donation process. This will help you to understand two things right away: whether you meet our basic requirements and if the donation process is something you are willing to undertake. Egg donation is something that requires time and energy from every donor, and it also asks that donors demonstrate responsibility.

If you find that you meet our basic requirements and that the process is feasible for your lifestyle and wants, then it is time to complete an egg donor application. The application will ask for personal information including medical history, education level, career details (if applicable), etc. We’re looking to learn as much as possible about potential donors so we can help ensure that in the event you do not qualify, then we are not spending any more of your time than necessary in this stage. We’re grateful for every donor application we receive because it means that growing families can be helped across the country, though we do acknowledge that our program’s requirements are in place for medically-based reasons so we must be strict.


If your application is accepted, then we will initiate a number of egg donor screenings. This will include psychological screening, medical and fertility testing, and a legal review. The medical and fertility side of things will occur at the IVF center that the intended parents are using.

Psychological screenings are in place to determine that the prospective egg donor is experiencing good mental health and fully understand what her role in the donation process will be.

Once these screenings are completed and no issues of concern are found, then a legal contract for the donation cycle will be drawn up. The donation cycle will not begin until all parties review, agree to, and sign this contract. Egg donors may request an attorney who specializes in reproductive law.

We thank those who are interested in becoming an egg donor. While there are a number of steps between completing a donor application and signing a donation contract, these are all in place for the protection of all parties. We want donors to feel complete ownership of the process from start to finish.